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Austin “Must-Do’s”

Austin, Texas is an incredibly vibrant city with a ton to do. You definitely don’t want to miss some of the main spots, but will undoubtedly have to visit again.


Torchy’s Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos has multiple locations and so many taco choices. I tried the fried avocado taco and a fish taco, both were great. This is the place that multiple people mentioned and recommended going to before I arrived so it’s a must do. Plus, the tacos are only a few dollars so it’s an cheap and delicious stop.
Devouring food at Hopdaddy

Hopdaddy is another favorite. The space itself has a very relaxed vibe, which is perfect for a burger joint. You should definitely get a milkshake while you’re here because they’re delicious and go great with burgers. The burgers have unique toppings and flavors that work well together. I had a veggie burger and french fries with cheese to dip in [Yum!].
Avocado Toast
Juice Society has great juices that will help you get through the day and feel better, but they also have healthy and delicious food. This is their twist on avocado toast and has so many things on it that I wouldn’t attempt this at home. They also have yogurt bowls, smoothies, etc.  


Almond Milk Latte

Coffee is the most important meal of the day, right? There are so many coffee shops in Austin so you really can’t go wrong, but I really liked Houndstooth. They had pastries, coffee and wifi. What else do you need?
Activated Charcoal Margaritas
You haven’t had a margarita until you’ve had an activated charcoal margarita.I take activated charcoal capsules with me whenever I travel because they’re good if you get food poisoning of have stomach issues so having a cocktail with it inside was so exciting for me. These margaritas were also made with sake instead of tequila, which is very interesting because I could barely taste the difference. You can snag these bad boys on special days at Hotel San Jose.
Zilker Brewing
Trying local brews is one of my favorite things to do when traveling so of course we had to stop at a few local breweries. Zilker was low key and relaxed, but also had great beer. There was also a food truck when I was there, which is great because food is always needed. I also loved that Zilker had massive garage doors with outdoor seating so we were able to enjoy the beautiful weather while sipping our beers.

Like I said earlier, I love juices. If you’re like me or if your body just needs a little love after exploring all of Austin then you should definitely try Juice Society. I got a green juice and a small turmeric shot that truly gave me life after a long night out.
Lazarus Brewing
Lazarus is another cool brewery to check out. I think it’s especially interesting because they also serve coffee drinks and food. We went on a weekday so there were a lot of people working on their laptops while having a beer or even having meetings here, so awesome. They also have some really great beer options, but this place is a definite must if you’re with someone who wants coffee while you want beer.


I think taking a picture of this mural is a right of passage for visiting Austin.

I clearly didn’t do a lot of sightseeing while in Austin, but you see a lot and really get a feel for the city just by walking around and exploring….on the way to restaurants. If you have any other “must-do’s” while in Austin, leave a comment below so I can try them next time!


You can also check out some of my favorite tacos!

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  • Torchy’s Tacos looks like a great place to have delicious tacos. I’m a huge fan of anything with avocado in it so the avocado taco would have probably been my first choice. Fantastic picture in front of Austin’s mural!

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