My Gear

Have you ever tried traveling without good gear?

The items below have been tried and tested by me and I can’t travel without them! Click on the images to be taken to Amazon!*


This tripod has been so helpful! It bends and grips on everything. There are also adapters you can get if you want to use it for your phone or GoPro. This one holds my mirrorless or DSLR, but make sure you check to see if your camera will work on this size or if you need to size up or down.
The GoPro is my go to camera because it is more rugged than my other cameras. It can go on a hike or go swimming with me while still taking great photos and videos, which is extremely important because I like to be adventurous. It also takes awesome pictures.

This is the toiletry bag I’m currently using. I love it because of the different compartments and pockets inside and because it fits everything I need comfortably.

I don’t know how I survived before I started using activated charcoal. It is great for traveling or being at home because it absorbs the toxins you’ve ingested and helps keep you from having stomach issues. This is especialy helpful when you’re being adventurous with your food choices and something isn’t cooked correctly.

These tiny containers are perfect! I use them for a bit of sunscreen or moisturizer or even for medication.

I like to use locks on my luggage or backpack when I travel. These locks are TSA Approved, which means they don’t have to break it if they need to search your bag. I also like having different colors for my locks because I don’t use the same combination for each one.
This is one thing I always have when I travel internationally. It’s a universal adapter with a surge protector. I love it because it’s small and I can charge more than one device at a time.



*disclaimer: I receive a small kick-back if you purchase an item through this link, which helps me pay for new gear and travel expenses.