Bucket List

-Cage Diving off the coast of South Africa
-Set foot on all seven continents
-Yoga retreat in Bali
-Rafting in the Alps
-Travel solo
-Play with an elephant in a sanctuary
Culinary tour in a new country
-African Safari
Roadtrip across more than 3 states in the U.S.
-Walk on the Great Wall of China
Cliff jumping
-See the Northern lights
-Explore the temples of Angkor
-Visit the Taj Mahal during golden hour
Swim with dolphins
-Release a paper lantern
-Trek Machu Picchu
Drink a Guinness in Dublin
-See the Great Pyramids
-See the penguins in Antarctica
Hold/Touch a penguin
-Cruise to Alaska
Stay awake for more than 24 hours
-Zipline in Costa Rica
Go deep sea fishing and catch something
-Float in the Dead Sea
-Go to every Disney theme park [WDW,Disneyland, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai]
-Oktoberfest in Munich
Sleep in a castle
-Go to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta
Go parasailing
-See Petra
Sunset over the Grand Canyon
-Learn how to surf
Learn to snowboard AND ski
-Chiang Mai Lantern Festival
Hold a koala
-Bungee jump
Drink champagne underneath the Eiffel Tower
-Visit the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul
Scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef

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  • Great list – only managed the Great Wall so far…

  • Nice! I am debating Bungy jumping in Queenstown but can’t bring myself to do it!!

    • You totally should!!


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