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Paros, Greece

Where do I start? This island is insanely beautiful and so different from Athens.

We took a ferry to the island and it was definitely the largest ferry I’ve ever been on. The ride was about four hours so we shifted from napping, eating, and talking to pass the time. Once we arrived on Paros we took our bus to the Hippocampus Hotel, which was right across from the sea and had a stunning view. After throwing on our swim suits and grabbing some sunscreen we walked a few minutes down the road to the beach and jumped right in the water. It was cold, but refreshing and the saltiest water I’ve ever been in. I was in the water until way after my fingers and toes started looking wrinkly and pruny-that’s how refreshing this water felt.

Later, we went into [Old] town for dinner and the sunset, which was stunning. It helped that we had a great seaside view. After this some of us went out to check out the bar/club scene back in Naousa. It was a lot of fun and once again we found ourselves seaside.

The next day was our boat day [booze cruise-ish]. We hopped on our boat and set off to explore Anti-Paros and the Aegean Sea. The highlight of this incredible day was definitely cliff jumping. Almost everyone jumped after climbing up a rock that at times didn’t feel so steady. After our exhaustingly fun day on the water some of us went back out for dinner in Naousa. We split appetizers of calamari, tzatziki, eggplant, and pasta. Of course, we paired this with a nice white wine.

The next morning we took the ferry back to Athens for one more night before heading off to Italy!