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New Orleans Food

The New Orleans food scene is incredible. It’s one of the things NOLA is known for.

If you find yourself in New Orleans, here are [my] main places you can’t miss for food.

@kktravelsandeats New Orleans food
Beignets and Coffee
Cafe Du Monde is the place that everyone goes when they arrive and for good reason. Don’t be scared off by the long lines because they move very fast and you’ll be enjoying this fried goodness before you know it. You order them in three’s so be prepared.
@kktravelsandeats New Orleans food
Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar
Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar is the perfect breakfast spot to check out. They make their bagels from scratch and have fresh squeezed orange juice. What more could you want? It’s located in the Garden District and has a cute, local feel to it. The food was all so flavorful and delicious.
@kktravelsandeats New Orleans food
District Donuts is no joke
After you eat breakfast at Surrey’s or for an entirely separate meal, you can walk to District Donuts Sliders Brew. The donuts are massive and so tasty, but they have so many more menu items than that.
@kktravelsandeats New Orleans food
Shrimp po boy
Po boys are pretty popular in NOLA and this one is probably the best one I had while there. Johnny’s is a small shop in the French Quarter and was packed when I was there, which is usually how I determine if a place is good. I got the shrimp po boy and it was so good. The bread was perfectly soft and crispy and everything had great flavor.
@kktravelsandeats New Orleans food
I know it might seem weird, but St. James Cheese Company is another great stop. We tried a few different cheeses here for a midday snack and they were so tasty. The food other people were eating looked delicious. This is a perfect place to stop for a snack or eat a whole meal because they had so many options including local ones.


There are tons of great restaurants and places to eat in New Orleans so you really can’t go wrong. My rule of thumb is the busier, the tastier. If you have a favorite please leave it in the comments!!

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  • I would love to try out Surrey’s Cafe and Juice Bar for a breakfast someday. The bagels made from scratch and fresh squeezed orange juice, who could resist to that? I also like that it’s in the Garden District with a warm local feel.

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