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Irish Musings

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to travel and explore Ireland three times. The first two times I visited while nannying and the third time my mom and I went on an incredible culinary tour. One of my favorite parts about being in Ireland is being around so much greenery and so many kind people.

During the culinary tour we were fortunate enough to taste food from pubs, castles, restaurants, and five-star hotels. There were so many incredible experiences during my Irish explorations, but my favorite was being able to share the trip with my mom. We had so much fun exploring Giant’s Causeway even when it started raining and we were the only ones left looking around. I ate [and drank] so many delicious and inventive items that it took some time to adjust to food back home. We were also fortunate enough to experience the Titanic exhibit in Belfast, which was stunningly emotional.

Along with the incredible sights and wonderful company, we were lucky enough to taste some of the best food I have ever had. There are too many meals and pictures to choose from so I picked two that were exceptional. The first [L] is from Lough Erne Castle and was so delicious. Each course attracted  a different taste bud and was so fresh. The second [R] was  prepared by Derry culinary students and was more traditional, but still amazing. We started off with a shot of buttermilk, which wasn’t my favorite, but other people loved. Then moved onto a goat cheese stuffed pastry with browned berries. Finally we sampled poitín with our dessert. Poitín is Irish moonshine and is actually quite good.

Although I’ve been to Ireland 3 times already I would absolutely go again. There are still so many cities, towns, pubs, and sites I haven’t visited and would love to experience.



Disclaimer: I love goat cheese so I ate quite a bit while sampling food in Ireland.

If you want to know a more specific map of where I traveled in Ireland then check out the “Where I’ve Been” link at the top of this page!