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5 Eats You Can’t Miss at Disney World

In my opinion, everything tastes good at Disney World, but there are a few treats that you definitely shouldn’t skip. Sometimes I even have all of them in one day…


Mickey Ice Cream

This is a must eat treat mostly because it’s delicious, but also because it’s shaped like Mickey’s head and is adorable. Vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate is always a great treat in my book.

Peeking in on the left



My family and I used to always get churros [multiple] while at Disney and while we still love them we don’t get them as often as we used to. The prices have been raised so much that it was $4.00 for one churro the last time I was there. You can get a churro with chocolate dipping sauce for $5.00. They are also harder to find now so it is very exciting when you find one [hint: they no longer sell them in Animal Kingdom]. They’re so yummy and the perfect snack while roaming around the park.

The only photo I have from any Disney trip with a churro in it because they’re so good


Mickey Pretzel

*with mustard, of course!

Pretzels are always a great snack, but sometimes when you’re at the park you don’t have time to sit down for a nice long meal. That’s when I always grab a pretzel! The Mickey shape just adds to the fun.

*best picture I could get at night while waiting for fireworks
Dole Whip

My absolute favorite treat in Magic Kingdom is a dole whip. If you like pineapple then this is the perfect treat for you. It’s so refreshing and you can get it a couple different ways [bonus!]. This one is a simple dole whip cup, but you can also get a larger size with pineapple juice at the bottom [also so yum].

Dole whips in Adventureland


Mickey Waffle

I know this is more of a breakfast item and it’s not a very exciting food, but they’re so good. Sure they taste like normal waffles, but they’re shaped like Mickey’s head and the cuteness makes them taste so much better. They’re a must get if you’re having breakfast at Disney.

Me circa 2012 with the famous Mickey waffle


*You can’t go wrong with anything Mickey shaped!

Here are some of my favorite hacks for your trip!

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  • The mickey ice cream is my favorite!

    • Me too! It’s something I have to get at least once every time I go.

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